New Financial Forum, English Section

  • Alan McSmith

    The real elephant in the room


  • Alan McSmith

    The bite of temperance


  • Alan McSmith

    Transformation is in the air

    Pioneers in Action

  • Alan McSmith

    The crocodile, the elephant and the transformation

    New Balance

  • Alan McSmith

    Learning from the past: The ripple effect of community ecology


  • Alan McSmith

    On the track of the leader within


  • Alan McSmith

    Lessons from the San Bushmen

    Nature the boss

  • Alan McSmith

    Purpose in praktijk

    Nature & 2021

  • Heidi Leenaerts and Thera van Osch

    Care Coins for Basic Income

    A call for a cure for the global money system

  • Thera van Osch

    New Perspectives for the future

    The ingredients for a new world are already available

  • Anna Breijtenbach

    Never normal again

    Everything is energy

  • Hans Siepel

    Open Up

    A hopeful mythological tale of the coronavirus

  • Thera van Osch

    The World’s Wealth

    Manifesto for a new economic order that cares for people and the planet

  • Thera van Osch

    The gender impact of Coronavirus

    This essay raises some questions about how the Coronavirus crisis affects women ...

  • Daniel Cordaro

    The Contentment Foundation

    Dr. Daniel Cordaro (1985) is one of the top scientific researchers in the fields...

  • Wilma de Bruijn

    Friendship gives colour to change

    Wilma de Bruijn is driven with heart and soul to stimulate, develop and to make ...

  • Frigyel Fogel

    Making the new world visible to millions of people

    The Hungarian filmmaker Frigyes Fogel (“say Frici”) won the national cello c...

  • Willem Vreeswijk

    Learning Journey Iceland

    The land of old sagas, fearless Vikings, beautiful nature, and the oldest parlia...

  • Lars Veraart

    Happiness is, to work every day towards the Great Turning

    Two years ago Lars Veraart made a conscious decision to say 'Stop!' to a well-pa...

  • Falco Valkenburg

    Live with an open heart, even if it hurts

    The blood flows where it cannot go. I went to have a talk with my brother Falco ...

  • Frederic Laloux

    The Rise of the Human Organization Model

    More and more companies and organizations worldwide discover the power of the he...

  • Jelle Bartels

    If we do not live our lives, who will do it for us?

    Jelle Bartels assists entrepreneurs who want to undertake their work from the fr...

  • Merel van Boheemen

    Financial affairs are mainly a reflection of yourself

    Do you have inspiring conversations with your accountant or financial advisor? D...